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This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace. – Colossians 1:6

My Appointment with the Holy Spirit.

“So God is real like this??” Those were the words that I could think of after such a magnificent appointment.

On Thursday, July 22nd, (or Wednesday, I don’t recall) the urge to go to my churches Friday night service overtook me.

Friday came about, we had just landed at JFK and I didn’t forget to remind my mom that we must go to church!

As the day went on, I realized I had to get my hair done before school started so I was to have a hair appointment at 5pm and church was to start at 7pm so I figured, alright I’ll miss it… Whatever.

That was my plan; ok I’ll miss Friday’s service, cool; however God knew that I was to have an appointment with the Holy Spirit that evening and I couldn’t miss it.

About 40 minutes after I booked my 5pm appointment, the hairdresser called and said “Come now, I’m free” (1:30pm), I said ok I’ll be there by 2:30. Of course 2:30 meant 3:20 and I started at about 4pm then I realized I should be done in time for church at 7!

I sat in the chair unsettled and asked for whatever style would be done fastest, so I ended up doing big twists because I didn’t want to sit for long.

At about 6:30pm, I told my mom she should come and get me and I’d finish my hair tomorrow, as ends of my twists weren’t complete. The hairdresser refused and said she had to finish my hair that night. So we continued on, I was very impatient and as she completed my hair, I packed my stuff ready to leave.

I ended up finishing at about 7:30pm and got to church at about 8pm, a whole hour late. I wasn’t sure if I would make it in time for the preaching but I still rushed there with the hope that I’d at least get to sing the closing songs or so.

We arrived at church a little after 8 and did not miss a thing. The children’s program was JUST ending and the pastor was JUST preparing to speak about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

I sat very focused and received a message from God that gave me comfort. He told me today may just be the day I had been waiting for. I was calmer than previous times when I sat expecting to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.

I knew it was coming. I had an appointment that could not be cancelled.

Then the altar call came about. The pastor called everyone that “wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit” to the altar. As I contemplated only a little bit thinking “am I filled? I’m filled right?? Yeah I’m good”, I found myself rushing to the altar.

I stood there (I would usually kneel) saying/singing “ I WANT MORE, I WANT MORE, I WANT MORE, I WANT MORE” I could feel it coming. The pastor touched me and prayed over me then walked away and before I knew it, according to my little brother, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for about 3 minutes. I don’t remember every moment of it but I do remember my voice getting louder and me saying things I had no control over. I remember the feeling of the Holy Spirit taking over, taking control, rushing into me, filling me up; it felt amazing.

I didn’t want to fall, I had always been afraid of falling and being baptized by the Holy Spirit then I remembered God would never give you something you can’t handle; so I didn’t fall. I was just very jittery and blown away.

I still am blown away and when I was done screaming and receiving his mighty power, I couldn’t believe it happened. But it did happen.

I had an appointment with the Holy Spirit; today is the day that the Lord has made. He called me; He reached out to me and fulfilled what needed to be fulfilled. And I listened!

Listen, follow, MOVE. Don’t miss your chance.

God is real, Jesus is the way and the life, and The Holy Spirit was in fact left within us and does in fact dwell within us. ACCEPT IT!!

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“My Appointment with the Holy Spirit.”
  • This reminded me of a call the pastor made after a thursday morning service in my school, so we were about 50- 80 in the church since everyone else had gone to class and there were about 3 pastors. I already could speak in tongues but I felt I needed to still go out since I didn’t have an actual baptism of the holy spirit that I could remember.
    The pastor started laying hands on people and the 2 other pastors were catching those who were falling (& also laying hands on people) and I was one of the last to have the pastor lay his hands on me, At this time I was very aware of everything going on around me but I was still praying in tongues and when the pastor laid his hands on me I fell uncontrollably and before i hit the ground It was like this big hand that felt like love, the warmth of love held me as I fell. I knew it was God, it had to be him. The hand was so comfortable, you know how the gloves used in the game of baseball to catch the ball is, thats what I envision every time I remember. I felt so small in the hands. The hand lowered me carefully to the ground so even though I fell fast before I hit the ground the hand had already held me and slowly lowered me to the ground. After wards the heat that went round my body just felt marvelous, I cried uncontrollably too..It was an amazing experience!

    • Ameeennnn!!! Yes! I’m sure that must have felt so so so amazing. I was always afraid to fall because when you see others fall it looks so scary. God made my experience so unique because he knows me so well. Sometimes I still get nervous when I feel the spirit coming on but I really need to start letting go. Fully and totally trusting that God’s hand is over me. Thank you so much for sharing!!❤️

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