Sim Spiritually Inspired

This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace. – Colossians 1:6

We ALL matter, No matter what.

Just know that.. Everyone is useful and everyone is a part of the body, therefore as long as you’re happy and doing what God ordained you to do, You should feel loved because you are. No matter what the world may say, do whatever makes you feel great at the end of the day. Do what gives you that tingling feeling in your gut. And I mean, even if it’s

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Faith.. Have faith!

For about a week and a half I was worried sick. I knew I shouldn’t have been, but what could I do? My mom was sick in the hospital getting ready for surgery and I did a great job hiding my emotions or better said, staying strong. I had to stay strong for my little brother, older one and my mom herself. I couldn’t show my fear and I’m thankful.

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I am a Christian Girl Now!

Looking back at my past makes me overjoyed. … I’ll never pretend to be who I’m not. No matter where I go, or who I’m around. Whether they are old or new friends; accept me or not. It doesn’t change the fact that.. I am a christian girl now (Andy Mineo voice). I love the Lord. I am a new person, born again. Renewed and covered with the Blood of

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You ARE enough

For some reason, I tend to doubt myself or at least I used to. People saw me as super confident and all these great things, but I do/did doubt myself. I never felt that I was good enough or my work was “good enough.” I always hated receiving good comments or compliments because I genuinely felt I was being lied to. People would say, “wow great job, you are so

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You cant trust someone you don’t know. So get to know the Lord and put your trust in Him!

Girl Talk (A revised text that I sent to my friend)

I think the mistake many of us girls make is that we try to force our happiness to revolve around a “magical” boyfriend solely because of the “perfect” couples we see in the media. Not knowing somewhere down the line, that revolution leads to heartbreak. Especially because BOYS of this day and age tend to be untrustworthy and whatnot (much emphasis on “boys“) They don’t want what you want. You

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Pick your head up and keep going..

If you ever happen to back slide, don’t let it shake you/ your faith. Stand strong on the Word. Use that as an opportunity to grow closer to God. He still loves you, so keep your head up. Pray that you are forgiven and work harder so that next time you can stand the temptation. I mean, even Jesus was tempted, but He knew the Word of God well enough

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The Lie

Maya Angelou once wrote a lovely poem that she titled “The Lie”. However, I feel that in modern days’ society, the lie is more than a lovely poem. It’s a disgusting reality; only if you realize it. We live through the computer screen, more so we live through social media. We have created false identities that mess up our minds, whether it be that of the receiver or giver, someone’s

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“Why You Mad?”

He creeps up on you when you least expect it. He alters your mind set for a moment. He gives you reasons and excuses. He says the “well it’s just once”. He twists the scripture on you. He knows you want it. He only wants to destroy you. What makes you think he would want to give you lasting pleasure? Pleasure for a moment but guilt for a lifetime. You

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Thoughts on Fear

Fear is controlling. Very controlling in fact. It’s like playing GTA 5, only you’re not the gamer. It’s destructive. It destroys you. It limits you. It stops you, literally. It creeps up on you and only gets worse. It begins with just a pinch, then spreads like cancer. But just as many beat cancer, you must beat it. Don’t allow it. Or else it’ll never stop. And i mean NEVER.

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